Review: QNAP TS-251A

Welcome to our review of the QNAP TS-251A, something new here at LSIO. We reached out to QNAP to request a review unit and they kindly provided one to support the development of our open-source docker containers. This initial review will cover »

The Problem with Docker - no wait, Moby...

Last week at Dockercon17 Docker unleashed Moby onto the world. This announcement divided opinion and, as expected from Docker Inc. these days, was pretty much a PR disaster. When your founder has to take to Twitter several days later with a hand »

FreshRSS with the new Raspberry Pi Zero W

Introduction I picked up one of the new Raspberry Pi Zero W boards from ModMyPI almost as soon as I heard about it. So for my first project, I decided to set up FreshRSS, an RSS reader that can be used with »

Kodi is not a piracy tool

Piracy, it's everywhere: an unstoppable force that has aimed to subvert legitimate supply of entertainment since the dawn of motion pictures. Over the last few decades it has taken many forms: bootlegged VHS and DVD copies, digital copies, and most prominently in »