OSX 10.12 Sierra and Java KVM applets

Apple. Why must you make the hardware I paid for less and less useful in the name of security? Stop it! It is a tool I require to do my job and perform interactions with other hardware on my network. If I »

DigitalOcean Announcement

I am delighted to announce a new 'special relationship' between LinuxServer.io and DigitalOcean. Those wonderful people over at DO have agreed to sponsor LSIO. They're providing us a very generous amount of credit which we will use to host this site »

The Problem with Docker - no wait, Moby...

Last week at Dockercon17 Docker unleashed Moby onto the world. This announcement divided opinion and, as expected from Docker Inc. these days, was pretty much a PR disaster. When your founder has to take to Twitter several days later with a hand »